Find yourself in need to get rid of things?

Want to purchase things at big savings?

We can help with both!! 

Need a house, storage unit or apartment emptied? Please call us or email us at help@haulitawaythrift.com.

Free Pickup in most cases within 25 miles of Ocala FL 34482. Contact us today!!

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How we work to help you!


We help you get rid of unwanted items!

Make room, or empty a house, apartment or storage unit. We can help!


We help you find great things you are looking to purchase at low prices!

All kinds of things, new and used in good condition


What does it cost you ??

Haul-a-ways at NO charge, items purchased low prices

Items out of the way

Every kind you imagine

$ 0 cost most cases

Items at big savings

Lowest prices always

$ from FREE to $100

We Help People

With us you now have someone to help you get rid of unwanted things you need to go

We Help Businesses

Small or large company - old inventory, need to make space -- to just clear completely out

Move out things in your way!

At our Office in Ocala

You can drop off the things you don't want.

You can pick up things you purchased from online by appointment at our Office on SR 40.

We have trucks, trailers and people to quickly move out what ever it is that you need to go.

Warehouses full of things for sale